Sister in Law wants me and my wife Dead

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Sister in Law wants me and my wife Dead

Postby Mbatha Muzi » 23 Feb 2012, 16:53

Hello I got married to my wife and we have been all along happily married not until serious problems started storming our relationship.
My wife has a sister and they are only two children from their parents. I stayed with my wife for almost 2 years trying to have a baby but with no success. We moved from one medical doctor to another looking for help about her failure to conceive but with no success. Doctors used to tell us that every thing was fine and there was know problem with her. At first we thought it was time that was holding us but then it became serious as time went. We decided to take this more serious by sourcing some traditional help.
We went to a sangoma (Traditional Doctor); it was there where we were told that it was the only sister that she had who was stopping her from getting pregnant. Hey this was shocking the doctor could see that they were only two children and the problem was created by the other.
The sangoma added that it was my wife’s sister who never wanted her to conceive at this point we all never new what the motive was for the sister.
The sangoma gave us some muthi (herbs) and my wife after a period of 3months, managed to conceive. And she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
It never stopped there, from the time the sangoma told us about the evil sister, she came openly and said that she will never rest until we are never together or else we shall never have kids. Don’t ask me her motive because we also were asking ourselves timelessly but failed to answer our selves.
My baby girl was happy and healthy but when she turned 3years, things changed. She started piecing from where she was sited and she was as if was turning to be a disabled kid. We then tried to take her place for help to another traditional doctor and still the answers were as it was in the beginning “the evil sister.”
Again the traditional doctor managed to sort my girl’s problem and she became fine.
My wife conceived again but this time little was left for her to die during delivery. The baby refused to come out and at the end she was operated. The evil sister kept on passing words around that we shall never have happiness in our marriage.
For the second baby things were tough she got seek suffering from a disease that no doctor could see, they checked her and northing was seeable. We then took her to a traditional doctor and still the answers were still the same. The evil sister was the one behind all this again.
We decided to tell the mother of my wife about the whole situation but we were scared to tell her the whole story as the other sister was also a child to her.
Things were tougher on the second child, one day she was as if was dying crying but looking at one corner of the house however much you could change her face was stake there. But the more she looked in that corner the more she cried. It was night and we thought our baby was going to die. We went to the traditional doctor who told us that she had done more witchcraft in our house this time. And the only way out was to sale our house so to move because this time she was intending to kill. We sold the house and as we moved our baby got fine but.
Now we are tenants we sold our house.
She one time came home face to face and asked my wife why she doesn’t leave me with my stupid kids.
I love my wife but life is getting worse and worse on a daily basis and she say she is not going to rest until we are separated.
My worry now is what she can do next as she still say that she will never rest what if she decides to kill me or any of my babies or my wife. I love my wife and my children.
Please help us.
Mbatha Muzi
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