Infidelity threatening to ruin our marriage please help

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Infidelity threatening to ruin our marriage please help

Postby sindypa » 27 Feb 2012, 10:14

My husband and I have been happily married for 10 years and God has blessed us with four children.
Generally, ours was a blissful marriage until eight months ago when I discovered he had been cheating on me, not with only one, two, three… but seven women, some of them married, who also happen to be his subordinates at work.
I had never suspected my husband of infidelity; not in my wildest dreams, until I discovered photographs of a semi-nude woman on his laptop, which he had lent to me to facilitate my research work.
My husband is a high profile person, who travels regularly and I suspect the pictures were taken during one his trips abroad. When I inquired, he was elusive.
At first I did not want to believe that he had all along been cheating on me, but after thoroughly searching my remotest inner self, I realised I was being too naïve, playing the proverbial ostrich, when the clues were glaringly before me. I thus embarked on a thorough clandestine mission to find out the truth.
In my investigations, I landed on some hotel reservations for two; my husband and a married female colleague during one of his official trips outside the country. I also found a text message on his phone from another female subordinate (also married) after what I suspected was a night out, with the words: “Thank you for the good time we had last night. I can’t wait for the opportunity of having you again in my arms.”
Armed with the above information, I set out to probe further. Being an IT expert, I scrutinised his communications through web-based technologies and confirmed that he was actually exchanging erotic e-mail, phone messages and chat messages with seven married women.
I then embarked on my groundwork to establish the identity of these women and as I talk now, I have established that four of them are out of the country, each leaving in a different country, which my husband frequents. The other three are his colleagues (subordinates) at work.
I went ahead to secure a hotel report bearing their names and passport details and confirmed that actually the two shared a room. My suspicion was further confirmed by the erotic e-mails explicitly describing the various sexual encounters between these different women and my husband and the undeclared love gifts from various women.
Whenever my husband travelled, in most cases, I did not even know the details of the hotel he was booked in. I would always wait for him to call which he was always in a rush to do.
On that bizarre trip with a subordinate, since I had the hotel details, I called several times when the children were sick, but it seems he had instructed the hotel personnel not to transfer any calls to the room. This prompted me to do more groundwork.
He was elusive at first, but with the various evidence I presented, he got remorseful, apologised and made a lot of flowery offers, but that did not divert my attention. However, despite the fact that he knew I was armed with the truth, he could neither confess nor tell me details of his sinister acts.
It is now that I look back and recall that on a few occasions, I have seen one of his female colleagues wearing clothes similar to mine; I now know the origin of this.
I got to know all these seven cheating married women at once – three are from his office and I see them occasionally,
What must i do must i tell their husbands of their cruel act or what i need your help please
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Re: Infidelity threatening to ruin our marriage please help

Postby bea » 17 Mar 2012, 22:39

i would tell all of them husband so there can feel how its not nice to cheat our bake others home
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Re: Infidelity threatening to ruin our marriage please help

Postby drjumba » 02 Oct 2012, 21:58

angelicalee8 wrote:
calljames wrote:i just want to share my experience how i got my ex back and saved my marriage.. i was married for 10years with 3 kids and we lived a happy life.. until things started getting ugly and we had fights and arguments... it got heated that at a point, she filed for divorce.. i tried everything to get her back cos i loved her with all my heart and didnt want to loose her...she moved out of the house and left the kids..and then filed for divorce...i pleaded,and tried everything ..nothing worked..until someone introduced me to this wonderful spell caster who helped me out.. i never believed in those things but just decided to try reluctantly...he did special prayers and used roots and herbs..within 3 days, she called me and was pleading..i didnt believe my ears..anyways we are happy together now and have a nice life.. the kids are happy..ive introduced him to a lot of couples with problems accross the world and they have had good news..i just want to share my experience.. incase anyone needs this man, you can email him on .hope you get good news as well..wish you all the best...dont give your marriage/relationship

Wow, this is quite an interesting story. I have been having troubles with my marriage and am willing to try anything at this point to get the love of my life back. Has anyone else dealt with things like this, and is it real? If so, are there any recommendations for people I should seek out to help me in my time of troubles? Thanks.

i think here you are at the right place my child if you need testimonies look at our testimonies at dr jumba site. ... nials.html ... nials.html
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