My relationship is not like how it used to be

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Re: My relationship is not like how it used to be

Postby drjumba » 05 Sep 2012, 08:36

I think it will better if you don't fore-think your lover (Don't think that he has someone before you prove it). there should be a problem that you are failing to understand in your relationship. some of the men would have an issue and would just rather keep quite and decide to punish quietly.
try to think back have maybe done something wrong to him that you are not considering?
try to give him some space if he has not turned on you just try to recall what wrong you did or are doing and stop it now. let him travel but when he comes back try to to be nice and apologize for any wrong that you might have done. only if that doesn't work then i will recommend some spell work to be done.
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